Ruckdee is a privately-held consultancy company incorporated by its Founder and strategic partners. Our team comprises of young and dynamic result oriented management team.


We intend to address the deficiencies in investment into the future of healthcare innovation. Seeing the lack of attention in developing or commercializing healthcare researches, Ruckdee believes there needs to be a channel for opportunist investors to be able to explore the industry with ease. The channel should be structured in a way which would be able to help foster ideas and advancement of the industry, and can benefit the industry’s personnel as well as the general public.

We provide a channel for investment into healthcare projects through “”. We screen projects heavily before listing them on our platform, to ensure the platform serves its original proposes of fostering innovation. To help investors understand the complexities of each project, Ruckdee gathers advices which can reflect all facets of the project, and digest it into a comprehensible piece of information. The digest informs investors about the risks and returns, to help investors select the type of investment suitable to their needs.